Wednesday, January 27, 2016

And Since We've No Place To Go...

IMG_1301                                                           Let it snow.

                                                   Let it snow.

                                                  Let it SNOW!!!!

We were pretty excited when we finally got about three inches of snow that stuck around.

       It was just us and the critters for a while there.

We didn't think that was such a bad deal until one found its way into the van!

It's presence resulted in one sleepless night and a "fishing" expedition the next evening involving a trashcan, a piece of cheese, some string, a lid and a whole lot of patience.

Success!  Here's to sleeping through the night again.

UPDATE:  Our critter friend returned... again.  He was apparently unfazed by his luck given our humane capture and release process.  Thankfully, we caught sight of him early enough that we were able to also see how he was entering and exiting the van. 

After he showed us this neat trick we used the "Hey, look at this open door we have for you!" combined with the gentle encouragement of a hiking pole to escort him from the premises. 

We then promptly sealed the entry point, plugged our ears and went to bed!  We're pretty sure he's still outside.

Back to the snow.  We thought it was done with four inches or so but it started again.

                             Only this time it didn't seem to want to stop.

Since the snow had made it to the top of the running boards, we started opening the
door to make sure we still could.

               We took a break from work.  Not that there was anything to do.

                                          The snow continued to fall.

   It finally let up Saturday afternoon and Nicole ventured out to see what was what.

      Thirteen inches deep on the picnic table with another inch or more expected!

                  Good thing Nicole got those 14 inch tall boots from her Mom.

        Although we still had running water, there was no place to put the jug.

                                Annie was feeling pretty well snowed in.

                         Happy to be tied to the grid.  There's no solar power today.


It seems that some of the heat we've been running inside the van is finding its way outside.

                                       It causes a melt / freeze effect.

And created this amazing work of art on Annie's front side.  Those upper columns of ice are two inches thick.

Although our evening temperatures will be well below freezing for the next few days

   daytime highs will hit the mid thirties and fourties.

If it melts, we'll ride the river into town and re-stock for whatever comes next.

Meanwhile, the sun came out and Darlene decided she'd try to clear us a path to leave.

One would look at this photo and think, "Wow, she's having a
really great time shoveling snow!"

However, Darlene is not smiling at the immense amount of work in front of her.  She
is smiling because she has just confirmed her thoughts on wanting to move to Florida.

We had a brief visit from a new gang before our regulars encouraged them along.

                             All in all, it was quite the winter wonderland.

Although warmer, the latest temperatures didn't take care of the amount of snow that fell.

Rangers and law enforcement were spinning their wheels (in four wheel drive) when they came to check on us.  Our Annie pushes her hefty load with only two wheels so we decided that we would not try to move her until we were riding firmly on pavement. 

There is a freeze coming up.  That has the higher ups concerned with the potential for the snow that is left turning to a solid sheet of ice. 

Though we let them know we were perfectly content being stranded, they came today to plow us a path out of the campground. 

A rescue, of sorts.  So, we'll wrap this up in preparation for a visit to town before
the ice-man cometh to redecorate.