Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Did It or Didn't It?

The rains subsided and the weather turned from T-shirts to Thermals.  It seemed we may have had an actual shot at seeing some of the white stuff this year.  But Mother Nature had other ideas in the form of...

SNICE - a snow ice combination that isn't quite hail but is much more than just sleet.

With it came freezing temperatures and a non-functioning faucet.

                             We still spot the occasional fading bloom

            although most plants have gone to seed.

Something we've kept forgetting to share is the Giant Leaf Magnolia plant.
We never got to see the flowers but the leaves were pretty impressive on their own.

                     A pretty reasonable supply of berries is still on hand.

    though it seems the birds don't like them very much.

Speaking of birds, it appears that our campground is run by a pack of wild aviators. 
This 'pack' consists of seven or eight Slate-Colored Juncos, two Downy Woodpeckers, two Nuthatches, a few Tufted Titmouse, a Brown Creeper and a couple of Golden Crowned Warblers.

                        Another lucky shot of the elusive Brown Creeper.

When we were in Wyoming, Nicole learned a lot about the birds there and the fact that they had patterns and routines.  It didn't occur to her that it was a consistency with many other birds until she started watching them more closely as we traveled. 

   The Slate-Colored Junco is most highly represented in our campground gang.

Here at Koomer Ridge, this pack of birds travels and feeds together.  They move about the campground in a mixed group.  Often, at our site, we'll see one fly in and the others are only seconds behind.  They feed and chatter and then move on to their next spot.  It is a daily occurence. 

The White Breasted Nuthatch is most definitely the noisiest of the bunch.  A birding acquaintance calls them 'squeak toys'.

With our little gang occupying the bulk of the campground area, Nicole set out to see what she could see outside of its limits.

         This Northern Mockingbird was spotted during one of our trips to town.

Several Cardinals spend their days on the outskirts of the campground and just down the road Nicole discovered a field of

                                                White Throated

                                              and Song Sparrows.

The sun is setting on this post and that is all we have for now.

Oh, and the anwser to the title question is... YES, IT DID!