Thursday, January 14, 2016

The way of the Bear

After a short warm up (with temperatures in the 40's and 50's) the weather took another turn for the chilly.  The last few days temperatures didn't get above freezing. 

You know it is time to prepare for full blown hibernation when the weather report says "Highs steady at twenty degrees."  Thrown in an impending 'rainstorm' and...

                                                       Beauty is Born

No worries for us.  We turned the heater on the "Isn't the beach great!" setting and pulled out our boxes of Indoor Fun

The difference between us and the bear?  Food.  We enjoy eating during our hibernation.    Especially lots of yummy soups and croc pot creations!

In the afternoon, our resident Eastern Phoebe showed up all puffed up due to the cold.
If you look close enough at the background, you can see the snow just beginning to fall.

                 Here (s)he is on a more temperate day looking trim and slim.

In warmer times, we ventured out one day to find the nearest Geocache within
(our version of) walking distance from our campsite.

This micro cache is located a mere 50 yards from us.

It is so awesome that even in these tiny caches there is still a log to sign.

We didn't sign the mini-log though because we forgot to bring a pen and (well) we didn't feel like walking the 50 yards back just to get one!

          Besides, you have to admit, YODA is sort of a hard act to follow.

          Cool old barn down the road from the campground in the 'Sparrow Field'.

                     Same field, different view.


Oh.  Remember the bird gang we spoke of in our last post?  Well, they've grown a bit more familiar and comfortable with our presence.  This has resulted in our discovering that there are actually THREE of the Brown Creepers in the group.

Though not there yet, Nicole is getting closer to a decent photo of this awesome little bird.

Walking in the woods the other day Nicole noted something unfamilar and took a few photos of it for when she had the opportunity to research it.

               When we were in FL, we saw something similiar made by crabs.

We're pretty sure there are no crabs in this part of Kentucky.  So, what are these interesting piles and who made them?

These creations are made by Earthworms.  They are called Castings which is a fancy word for Earthworm Poop!  As the worms make their way through the earth they filter out the good an 'cast' out the bad.


In between random spurts of winter-like weather, our experience here in Kentucky has been more unseasonably warm and wet than is typical for this time of the year.  So much so that we are watching things green up a bit more than expected.

There's lots of moss and lichen sprouting.

It may be winter but it is nice to see some bright green around the campground and trails.

And, since we are short on time today, we will go ahead a post this.  More later.

With all of the trees around, we lose sight of the sun quite early.
        But we get to enjoy the colors long after that.