Wednesday, October 26, 2016

2016 = FIVE YEARS!

This is a little late and we've already posted about our latest path in life but five years on the road deserves a little something.  So, here goes.

On October 1, 2011, we turned over our house keys to someone else and moved into a van.

We had no predetermined plan.  Our only goal was to 'GO'.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  Who knows where.

And we did.  For five years we lived in our van, Annie, and we went.

What a grand adventure we have had!

2011-2016 All Travels Annie
        This is the sum total of all roads driven in our five years of living in a van.

                                     Total Miles = just under 48,000
                             Different Walmarts overnighted at = 124
                                        Volunteer Assignments = 11
                                         States Overnighted in = 41
                                              States Visited = 44
                                       Cities Overnighted in = 247
                                 Cities Visited = Too many to count!

This year, our last year on the road, was a little different for us in that we spent only about 30% of our time volunteering.  Instead of our usual time spent volunteering in the summer, we spent six weeks working our way slowly up the east coast and over to Newfoundland.

2016 Travel Map
                                        Our 2016 Travels
                       KY, FL, east coast, NL, PA, FL, GA and FL

2016 Newfoundland Travel Map
We spent a month in Newfoundland and drove 2000 miles while exploring the island.

It was a great year!  Heck, it's been a great five years!  Although we are settling down for a bit, we still anticipate travels in our future.  They'll be different in many ways but traveling is still something that we both really enjoy.

Speaking of travel, here's a shot of all of the roads we've traveled together (in the Continental U.S.).  The reds are pre-Annie. 

All Travels Roads

And, here's a map (again, just Continental U.S.) that we've put together that includes places that we've lived or visited both together and separately.

All Travels Pins 2

One of these days we'll get to North Dakota!  Not sure why we never made it there.  Guess we had to leave something for another time.

Meanwhile, we are all settled into our new digs on the great peninsula of Florida.  We make daily (or twice daily) trips to the beach.  Darlene has found herself gainful employment and Nicole has taken on a new hobby (which means, she should probably take another look at her priorities and get a job too).

Here's a few parting shots of our place.  Since we had no 'stuff' we told the lady we are renting from that she could leave hers if she wanted.  Thus, less than 10% of the stuff in the photos is actually ours.  But the condo is and we're enjoying it.  All except for the part where we keep losing each-other.  Man is this place huge compared to the van!  HA HA