Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Perfect Timing

Our stay in Georgia was longer than originally planned.  However, we are chalking it up to perfect timing in that we were there to support Darlene's folks through an unexpected week long hospitalization of her father. 

All is well now and he has returned home.

While we were there Nicole got a chance to spend a day working with her most trusted mechanic friend, Adam.  They took care of a few things on Annie like:

                         New front rotors and brake pads.  Oh, shiny things!

                                     New rear drums and brake shoes.

2016-07-01 Rear Brakes Drums Passenger Side (8)
We replaced this emergency brake cable that we found was only hanging on by a thread (or two) and swapped out a few tired springs and pins in the brake system, as well.

         Our transmission mount had seen better days so we put this new one in.

Then we decided that these old motor mounts just wouldn't do so we replaced those too!

Oh, and somewhere in the mix, we changed out the failing driver's side outer wheel bearing.

Throw in oil and filter change and that may be the extent of it.


                   The Eastern Bluebirds were out in great numbers in GA.

                     The Common Buckeye Caterpillars were also out in force

                                       and consuming in great quantity.

                  Fall is in the air but there were still a few pretty petals around.

                               Red Saddlebags Dragonflies were everywhere.

   The Gulf Fritillaries had already completed their metamorphosis and were feasting.

When we hit the road five years ago we put everything we owned into the van.  Everything but a few of Nicole's favorite things that just wouldn't fit.  Thanks to our upcoming plans, Nicole has now been reunited with two of her favorite things which have been high and dry in GA.

Lightwave (3)
                     Favorite thing #1

Break Away (3)
                     Favorite thing #2

Back in FLA, favorite thing #3 patiently awaits the reunion!

Islander (1)
                     Favorite thing #3!

If you haven't already guessed, we will be residing in FLA.  Living in a rented condo not Annie.  For at least six months most likely more.

Yes, after five years on the road, we have re-entered the non-full-timing world.  As of this afternoon, we are settled into our new place and...


At this time, Hurricane Matthew is slated to make landfall in our new home town late tomorrow evening or early Friday morning.   We are currently ground zero.

Again, with the perfect timing.