Monday, October 10, 2016

All Is Well. We're at the Beach!

We appreciate those of you who have checked in with us to make sure that we came through Hurricane Matthew alright. 

We did. 

Annie did. 

The condo did. 

We were fortunate that he did not decide to make landfall here as anticipated.  Other than some trees and power lines down, the worst of it (in our area) would have to be the thousands of turtles lost.  Unhatched eggs were scattered all over the beach when we went for our walk the other day. 

Speaking of the beach.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE ours!  Just three short miles from the condo, across the St. Lucie River and the Intracoastal Waterway sits...


                                               A look to the right...

                                              and a look to the left.

We are pretty stoked at the location of our new home and have already gotten our feet wet.

Several of you have asked for photos and we'll get there one of these days. 

Transitioning from five years of living in a van and being South Dakota residents to living in a condo, getting a job (don't faint... we haven't... yet) and becoming Florida residents, takes time.

Meanwhile, this is what we've got for ya.

                                 We are the third building on the left.

Taken from the front porch for posterity as Matthew was approaching.  Thankfully, it still looks the same!

Well, it is time to take care of some much needed business.  Just checking in to say we are a-o.k.

There is so much to explore in our new area.  More when we've got it!