Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Valley – Part 1


A month ago we left the Valley called Death for the first time and headed to the nearest town (Pahrump, NV) to tend to our shopping and internet needs.  Since we had made our initial sixty mile drive from Pahrump into Death Valley in the dark, we were excited this time to drive there and back in the daylight hours and literally ‘see’ what we had missed.


                                         A new favorite turn.  What a view!

                   We took turns driving so each of us could safely take in the scenery.

Heading out of the park, we caught a glimpse of our first Big Horn Sheep.  We also saw a group of about ten when we returned a few days later.  (No photos of them, though.)


Pretty neat how the mound in the middle of this photo looks like an erupting volcano with white lava running down the sides.

34                                                       See what we mean?

Darlene says that the mountains with stripes of color like the one in the center remind her of the colored sand sculptures in bottles that we used to make as kids.

Since we were going right by it on our way back to the cul-de-sac we call home, we decided to be tourists and stop at the Zabriskie Point overlook.  On our way out of the park it was blissfully quiet.

                      It seems that changed while we were in town.

We stopped to explore anyway and were presented with yet another series of unique and amazing views.





                                        To be continued… in The Valley – Part 2