Friday, January 17, 2014

The Valley – Part 2

After a few days in town it was back to the Valley for another month.  The next several posts are from the last four weeks.

Sorting through more photos from albums of the castle’s original owners, we noticed one was titled ‘Petroglyph Rock’.  After inquiring as to the authentication of it we took a break and set out to find it.  Since the photo was taken in the late 1920’s a large palm tree has grown in front of the rock.  But it is still there.

                           As are the petroglyphs (top half of the rock).

                                        Bottom half of the rock.

                                          Neighboring Rock.

The rocks were moved to their current location to create the castle’s watercourse (a small stream fed by the local spring).  We soon learned that due to the Native American history of Death Valley, one can see petroglyphs in a wide variety of locations throughout the park.  Just one more thing to be on the lookout for.

                 Snow in Death Valley for Christmas?  Well, about as close as you can get.

We mentioned in one of our previous posts that Death Valley wasn’t really a valley.  It’s true!  The valley floor is actually a plate of crusty salt flats that is dropping as two mountain ranges are rising and sliding apart.  Another cool fact is that the salt flat in the photo above was a lake 6000 years ago.

                 I think I can! I think I can!

Well, it’s not really a steam engine but it sure has personality.  These are the remains of the Harmony Borax facility that used to reside here.

This is where the borax was harvested and separated out before the 20 Mule Teams would transport it 100 plus miles away to the train for shipment.  The 20 Mule Teams, by the way, contained varying numbers of mules.  Huh?

                       So, you’re hiking in Mustard Canyon when you come across…

            … the word BODY spelled out with rocks.  What do you do?

Exactly, you take a picture and keep hiking.  I mean they should have at least put an arrow indicating in what direction we would find the body.  It’s a big place after all.

       Mustard Canyon is pretty neat.  It’s sort of like Golden Canyon only a little more spicy.


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