Friday, January 17, 2014

The Valley – Part 8


Once we got her wandering, Annie didn’t want to stop.  Next we were driving two miles down a dirt road to explore a canyon.

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         Little did we know that this mosaic of conglomerates from small

1 (83)
             to large would become one of our favorite places in the park.

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          The hike begins in a narrow slot canyon filled with marbled walls.

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                          This is not the trail but it sure is more fun!

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                  Also not the trail.  Ditto on the more fun part though.

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                                           This IS the trail.

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                                                   So is this.

1 (156)
                                                 This too.

                 We saw some really neat rock faces.

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2 (1)

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                   One of our favorite parts about this area is all of the flowing curves.

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We also like how you can have conglomerate on one side, smooth marbled rock on the other

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                                                or a mixture of the two.

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                                       And then there is, of course, the color!

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The trail went on but the day was drawing to a close and the sun was sinking low in the sky.  We headed out knowing that we would surely have to return to Mosaic Canyon one day.

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