Sunday, April 20, 2014

H2 Oh Eagles

Pretty sure that we mentioned we may not be done with all of the water stuff.


We did however, after another visit with Lois, depart Port Angeles and make it all the way to Sequim (silent e, silent u).  Lois called us the next day to see where we were and when she found out we were in Sequim her response was, “You’ve been going all day and that’s as far as you’ve made it!”  All day to go ten miles.  Pretty sure she now knows why it took eight years to finally get in another visit.

We had our reasons for such a short romp on our first day back on the road…

                       Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge and the Dungeness Spit.

                We were enjoying yet another day of beachcombing under beautiful blue…

                       when this immature bald eagle soared over…

                                                 landed in a tree with Mama…

and promptly started pulling things off of the tree and dropping them on her head.

                                  “For the last time, I said QUIT!”
                          “I have no idea what you are talking about.”


We watched the antics of Mother and teen for quite some time before wandering on and taking the primitive trail back to the parking lot.



As we drove away we took a ride down Marine Drive.  We had been told that there were some beautiful Victorians there as well as great views of the spit and the lighthouse.  True and true.  But there were also a ridiculous number of bald eagles.

                                    We photographed the eagles.