Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Things We’ve Learned (Round Five)

Here’s another smattering of random lessons, learnings and observations.  After 2 1/2 years of living in a van and traveling full-time we continue to be amazed at what we discover.  Just the other day, for example, Nicole actually forgot that she was walking forward (while she was walking forward).  On that note, it’s a good thing that we preserve some of our ever precious (and obviously quickly waning) memories in lists like these and throughout our regular blog postings.  If all else, it fills the blog void when we are fresh out of new stuff.  Without further adieu.

1) Evidence of evolution can be found via the vestigial limbs found during the dissection of Whales, Snakes and other animals.

2) "I tell ya, used to be you could buy an old bull for what you can buy a rose for now." - Overheard at McDonalds in Texas

3) It appears that there is a requirement for all teenagers in the town of Seminole, Texas, to announce both their arrivals and their departures by leaving a large amount of tire rubber behind.  It can therefore be concluded that opening a tire shop in this town would be a profitable venture. - Nicole

4) Levelland, Texas was the site of several UFO sightings in 1957.

5) Levelland, Texas is “so flat that you can see for a hundred miles.  If you stand on an egg crate, you can see for two hundred!” - RV Park Neighbor and Leveland Cotton Farmer

6) Wrapping your friends up in saran wrap can be fun!


7) But it can be tricky getting them in the truck afterwards.


NOTE:  No Teenagers were hurt in the photographing of this incident and burrito boy was later seen unwrapped, unharmed and hanging out with his friends.  

8) Country music ain’t so bad!  (Well, some of it’s pretty cool, anyway)

9) Bread clips are a great way to revive your shower shoes so that the strap stops pulling through and they live to shower again!  - Ranger Emily in PA


10) “Bagpipes are the missing link between noise and music.” - Billboard Carlsbad, NM

11) The early bird gets the worm.  But the second mouse gets the cheese.

12) South America is like America; only more south.

We’re on the road again.  We’ve pointed our nose north and will see where the wind (and Mother Nature’s whims) takes us.  More when we’ve got it.