Saturday, April 12, 2014

Washington Wanderings cont…

In Sasquatch territory, we found ourselves exploring one of the most out of the way, non-descript National Wildlife Refuges we’ve ever come across.

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We spent a good deal of time walking the boardwalk and peeking around for flying things.

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Timing wise we were a bit early as this is primarily a major stopover for shorebirds on their way back to Canada or Alaska.  But we saw a few feathered friends and of course lots of the flowering kinds too.

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As you follow the boardwalk the scenery opens up to the coast and artfully placed drift logs decorate the landscape.

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We continued along coastal 101 and opted for an unlikely (for us) overnight rest.  At Kalaloch Campground in Olympic National Park we had our first paid campground stay since hitting the road full-time two and a half years ago.  It was worth the ‘splurge’ to get one more night on the coast before heading inland for an indeterminate amount of time.

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         (Taken April 2014… How much longer will it manage to hang on?)

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                           Onward, upward and inland-ward we go…