Friday, April 11, 2014

Wandering in Washington

We’ve been entertaining ourselves in Washington with a myriad of things. 

There were city parks.

1 (42)

With lots of color…

1 (48)

A Monkey Puzzle…

1 (21)

Half of a Bald Eagle…

A whole tree that looked like a bird…

1 (17)

Brilliant colored Wood Ducks…

1 (59)

Monet flowers on the water…

1 (7)

And other floating flora…

And fauna (?) …

And… flora.

1 (50)

We mentioned the flowers, right?

1 (38)

1 (4)

This city park adventure brought to you by Longview, WA.

1 (43)

Moving on down (or up considering we’re moving north) the road…  While most folks find their way to the buffet or the slots when they casino park, Nicole found her way to more slugs!

1 (60)
        From this angle it sure makes you wonder what this guy is up to.

1 (75)
                       Up to his eyeballs in pure Dandelion goodness!

1 (70)

1 (67)

1 (71)

We then randomly switched our direction of travel and headed back toward the coast and into Sasquatch country (or so it seemed from all of the references).

1 (121)

                   And, on that note… we’ll be back later.  We hope.