Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More Flowers… Priest Lake, Idaho

Two posts in two days.  Ceasing wonders and all aside the truth is we’ve just got too many photos.  One solution would be to not take so many photos.  The other would be to not post too many photos.  Since the first one isn’t a preferred option and the second one would let down our faithful readers, we’ve decided to post more photos.

In this case, flowers.  And here we go.  These first flowers are in the super tiny category.  They’d be about the size of your pinky fingernail or smaller.

                          Speedwell (perhaps)



                                Small Flowered Blue Eyed Mary

DSCN9999l (6)
Medicinally the Self-Heal / Heal-All has many good qualities.

DSCN9999l (6)
                                  And cute little flowers to boot.

Moving on to perhaps the size of your thumbnail or thereabouts…

DSCN9999g (50)
              The delicate Three Leaflet Coolwort.

DSCN9999d (30)
This Coralroot was a special find.  The only bunch we’ve seen.

DSCN9999d (34)
                              Coralroot is in the Orchid Family.

DSCN9999d (42)

      In the same family is this side of the road ‘weed’…DSCN9999i (13)
                             The Rein Orchid.

            We’ve seen two varieties of Wintergreen.

DSCN9999g (48)

DSCN9999g (7)

DSCN9999j (5)
                      Haven’t quite figured out what these are yet.

DSCN9999j (5)
                           But oh what a tangled web they weave!

A couple of side notes…

DSCN9999h (16)
                           Red Twinberry sans flowers is still a cool find.

DSCN9999j (24)
               The Lupine are starting to bean up.

DSCN9999j (170)
             The Dwarf Dogwood are starting to get a Bunch-a-Berries.

DSCN9999j (172)

Going forward to some flowers closer to the size of a quarter or thereabouts.

DSCN9999j (12a) (2)
                                           St. John’s Wort

DSCN9999j (99)
                                             Clover Family?

DSCN9999j (167a) (3)
                           Dalmatian Toadflax

DSCN9999p (17)

DSCN9999p (11)
                                       Random Blue Damselfly

DSCN9999p (11)
                                          Can you see me now?

DSCN9999q (42)

DSCN9999q (33)

DSCN9999q (34)
                                                  For the

DSCN9999q (3)

DSCN9999q (2)
                                               FINISH (ED)