Tuesday, July 1, 2014

This, That and Other Stuff at Priest Lake

The blooming continues and the smells of Lilies, Wild Roses, Lupine and others color the air.

DSCN9999b (10)

You’ve maybe heard of ‘Red Tide’?

        Intense amounts of pollen have created a Yellow Tide at the edge of the lake.

DSCN9999b (6)
             The Orange Hawkweed has started to come out in force.

DSCN9999b (24)
                     Is this cool, buzzy thing pointing at something?

DSCN9999a (30)
             No clue what this is but it just has that ‘edible’ look to it.

                   As did this plant, so it seems!

      Job completed.  Now, I get to relax and look pretty.

DSCN9999b (53)
                                 Yellow Hawkweed makes a start.

                                  Fuzzy, Feather-Dustered Being

DSCN9999b (21)
                          Perfect Imperfection.

DSCN9999a (33)
                                   The berries are arriving!!!

DSCN9999h (30)
                                      Now, bring on the bears!

                                                Wee-Who!  What a view!

DSCN9999c (28)
                          Twin Flower Convention.

DSCN9999b (31)
                              This one was up to his eyeballs in pollen goodness.

DSCN9999c (18)
                          Planted by the library.

DSCN9999b (20)
                                    Growing wild in the fields.

DSCN9999d (2)
                                               Got Paint?

DSCN9999c (17)
                         Look, Suzanne!  It’s a Purple Posey Picture!

DSCN9999b (14)

                      And now we’ll fly back to our lakeside retreat.