Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What’s New On Priest Lake?

Although not one for ‘bucket lists’ per se, there a few mushrooms / fungi / plants that Nicole would like to see (growing wild).  A friend in another state recently spotted one of those plants and prompted Nicole to take yet another walk in the woods to see what was new in her area.  Sometimes it’s all about timing.  Look what’s begun to break through. 

DSCN9999t (28)
                                 Indian Pipe!

DSCN9999t (30)
This super cool fungi feeding, vascular plant was a ‘want to see’ on Nicole’s list.

DSCN9999t (35a) (2)
They’re still working their way upward and opening their flowers.

DSCN9999x (89)
         Staring down into the barrel of the Indian Pipe (aka Ghost Plant).

DSCN9999q (19)
This unique looking leafless stalk appeared near the library.

DSCN9999q (21)
At first sighting two weeks ago it was still unclear what it was.

DSCN9999v (5)
It has since begun to take shape and we now know it to be
                            the Pine-drops plant.

DSCN9999v (7)
     It hosts these cute lantern like flowers which as of yet have not opened.
                   It is in the same family as the Indian Pipe plant.

DSCN9999x (67)
Even in its past due state it makes for great forest decoration.

DSCN9999t (13)
Thanks to a visitor who spent his spare time plucking all of this from our beach, we’re pretty sure we now know that this is Knapweed.  He grew up on a farm and told us that the cows wouldn’t eat it and spread so readily that it cut into their food source.  Hence, he still habitually picks it even when he isn’t on the farm.

DSCN9999r (3)
We waded along the waters edge the other day in search of a fragrant smell eventually discovering this to be the source.  What it is… we still don’t know.

What we do know is that the berries just keep coming.

DSCN9999v (4)
                Nature puts a spotlight on Baneberry.

DSCN9999t (79)
                     We’ve finally started spotting Thimbleberries.

DSCN9999t (98)
                   The berry is not solid but is… well, Thimble shaped.
      This adds yet another tasty treat to sustain us on our woodland hikes.

DSCN9999t (46)
When there is only one berry per plant as is the case with the
Bead Lily it can be tricky to photograph.

DSCN9999x (40)
           The Twisted Stalk has one berry per leaf.

And then there are the berries we aren’t yet sure of.

DSCN9999t (93)
                                         Northern Comandra?

DSCN9999u (31)
                                             Oregon Grape?

DSCN9999x (27a) (3)
                                     Wild Raspberry or Salmonberry?

DSCN9999x (60)

Well, we’d better wrap this up.  Our friends G & D are coming to visit for a few days and they are bringing their pontoon boat.  So, besides getting to hang out with some good people, it looks like we’ll also get a different view of this beautiful lake we’ve been living on for the last three months.

                                                   Until we meet again…

DSCN9999u (6)