Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Day (and a night) At The Shore

Not sure how we will go about selecting pictures for this post.  There are just too many good ones to choose from but we'll do what we can to show you things through our eyes.

We left the inland pleasantries of the Wetlands and headed toward the coast, again.

We had every intention of not driving too far, just setting up in a nice little spot and relaxing for a few days.

This was the view from one such spot that we found.  We sat on the edge of the road enjoying the view and considering this amazing boondocking location.  In the end, something told us to go on.

Not even 1km later (literally, just around the bend) this is what we saw.  Do you see all the white out there in the ocean?

We pulled over to the first spot we could find and proclaimed that this was the place.

                                            This was our view as we ate lunch.

After filling up way more than we should we decided that we were satiated enough to make the long walk to a position more 'in front of' the Icebergs.

   A bergs-in-the-background shot that also shows the terrain we were about to traverse.

                                                         Not long now...
  HA HA!  Not only do icebergs MOVE but we've learned they are further away than they look.

  Not to be completely distracted by bergs, we noticed some Roseroot along the way.

IMG_4578a (17)
                  We haven't been able to identify this neat little plant yet.

IMG_4578a (21)
We weren't sure of these so didn't try them.  Think they are Black Crowberries (a.k.a. Newfoundland Blackberries).

                                                They're getting closer, right?

      Or, maybe it is just the zoom on the camera.  Either way, it was too exciting to stop.

Look!  There is something white in the distance.  Maybe an iceberg crashed!  Or, it could just be trash.

     It is not often you stumble upon something more than 10,000 years old on the beach!

We were pretty excited to find this little Growler.  Then we stepped up on a large rock and realized...

    We had discovered a full fledge iceberg crash site.

IMG_4552a (6)
                                         Like kids in a candy store

IMG_4552a (16)
                                   we went from growler to growler

IMG_4552a (17)
                                     touching them, inspecting them,

IMG_4552a (18)
                                        photographing them and

                                                  sampling them,

                                                     of course!

IMG_4552b (2)
Sure.  In a sense, it's just ice.  But, think about it.  When do you ever get to spend time with something 10,000 years old and not be in a museum?!


                           We thought this looked like a bird's head.

  After a while, we recalled the reason for this journey.

                           Looks like we've done pretty well in our quest.

When it was time to walk back we turned around and were a bit shocked at our distance.

                                     One last look and off we went...

We had quite the interesting walk back complete with stepping into unseen boggy areas (one in which Darlene almost lost a shoe).  Eventually, we made it back and spent the evening by the sea.

                          We woke in the morning to a new Iceberg shape.

                                  We named this one The Ghost Ship.