Thursday, May 26, 2016

At The End Of The Road

As our touring of the Twillingate / New World Island Peninsula continued we drove down just about any road that was drivable and turned around on a few that weren't.

IMG_4276a (1)
                     Around every corner, we discovered yet another beautiful bay,

                         an iceberg or two or three floating merrily along

                                           and a quaint, picturesque village.

While sitting on an overlook one day and admiring the view, a car with four Newfies drove up.  They commented on the scenery and we asked them where the road led.  Not being from the area, they all agreed that they had no idea.  Furthermore, they concluded a simple truth: "No matter where a road goes in Newfoundland, you can be assured that it will end at one of two places; someone's backyard or their outhouse."  Then they drove off.

Several hundreds of miles on now, we can certainly concur as we have found ourselves in many a back (or front or side) yard and seen a fair share of outhouses and other such things at the end of the road.

We can also add something to that simple truth:  "No matter where a road goes in Newfoundland... it will undoubtedly end in a beautiful view."


IMG_4309a (2)

                                                     Seal Noses

IMG_4304a (6)
In case you thought we were kidding... here we are at the end of the road, in someone's yard, admiring a beautiful view.

IMG_4328a (8)


There have been many a time while driving on the island that we have seen something worth stopping for.  There have been fewer times that we have found a place to stop.

IMG_4374a (7)
This time, however, we found a spot and walked back to this small berg bobbing close to shore.

                      One of the neatest things is that each berg is unique.

                 Even their individual parts carry their own unique features.

IMG_4374a (17)
When we arrived this one was higher in the water.  It proceeded to dip and sway and we really thought we were going to see our first 'flip'.  It was just a teaser this time though.

Somewhere near Green Cove and Pikes Arm we stood in someone's yard admiring the view.

                 Love these older structures.  They have so much character.

IMG_4387a (3)
Somewhere around Boyds Cove on the Hamilton Sound we stopped to watch a couple of

IMG_4390b (3)
      Caspian Terns fish and perform aerial acrobatics.

Eventually, we needed to find a place to settle in for the night.  And, so we did.