Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's An Adventure Without The Venture

Friday afternoon found us facing a decision.

Should we hang around Corner Brook for the three day weekend and run some short trips to ensure that Annie is really fixed this time? 


Should we be confident, take a chance, throw caution to the wind and start moving along?

                               Is this what you guessed the answer was?

   We were headed east and the scenery changed somewhat to long rolling hills,

                                         lowlands, marshes and bays.

                                                        As we approached

                                                     New World Island

        we were growing more excited to see some classic Newfoundland sights.

           Speaking of those 'classic' sights... In this photo are our first two ICEBERGS!
                Don't worry if you can't see them.  This is only the tip (pun intended).

  Getting closer to Twillingate, we pulled over to see three more at a slightly closer distance.

                               This piece is what is called a Bergy Bit.

                          These two qualify in the medium size category.

We decided to walk to the edge of the cliff closest to the bergs to watch them for a while.

IMG_4081a (4)
Our tour guide enjoyed gaining on us and then collapsing at our feet; over and over and...

IMG_4087a (2)
                                    Here is our closer view.  Not too shabby.

              We sat on the edge of that cliff for about an hour taking it all in.


            By the time we were ready to leave, the bergs had actually swapped places.




   Sea Urchins littered the cliff top.  We assumed they had been consumed by gulls.


   How would you like to be the one to paint this house?!

It was soon time to mosey on down the road.  We were looking to get to the end of the line before evening set in.

           But first, just one more stop to take in yet another magnificent view.

We sure were glad that we opted to put the venture in adventure rather than stay put.