Monday, December 24, 2012

1 out of 3 ain’t bad…

We’ve been exercising lately.  Taking walks and Geocaching.  We started Geocaching in 2006 but are rather random with our participation.  Having heard that there were many hundreds of caches all throughout the forest we thought we’d jump back into it for a bit.

As of late we have attempted to locate three caches that are within a few miles of our current homestead.

Nicole, GPS in hand and on the trail of one named EZ.  Not sure we would agree as we couldn’t find it but had a nice long walk in the forest while trying.

2012-12-16 Ocala (10)
Darlene holds the results of our only ‘Smiley’ this time around. 

2012-12-16 Ocala (9)
We opened the ammo can, signed the log, took a jumping bean and left a hot wheels truck.  For those unaware, the larger caches hold trinkets and such that you can exchange and move from cache to cache.  Everything you do is logged on the internet so others can see where their items are traveling to.

So far our return to caching has bagged us two DNF’s (did not find) and one Smiley (Found!).  Despite a dud on our third attempt we did manage to spot this Wolf Spider peeking out of his hole.


So, all was not lost as we found something new and got some exercise in the process!