Sunday, December 9, 2012

Going, Seeing, Doing… Part 3

So, apparently you can teach old dogs new tricks.  Or at the least you can set them loose in the middle of the forest after you try and tell them to find their way home without getting into trouble!

 2012-12-3 Ocala
Introducing… THE RAKE.  The latest in our trail maintenance bag of tricks. 2012-12-3 Ocala (2)
The goal is to rake out the whoops so the trail gives a nice smooth ride.
2012-12-3 Ocala (3)
There is a bit of multi-tasking involved.  Not only do you drive / control the ATV but you also operate the hydraulics on the rake via a remote control box on the handle bars.  We were told that at some point we’ll be able to know how to control the rake just by feeling how our ATV is riding.  Current status:  We have not reached that point but we did make it home without incident to us or the rake.

And on to yet another adventure.  We drove down to Davenport Landing one day to collect trash along the Ocklawaha River. 

Kiosk Fact:  This landing and many others like it, were important to the steamboats which traveled these early watery highways.  The steamboats needed great supplies of wood, and many of Florida's early settlers made a living selling firewood to the steamboats.  Davenport Landing was especially important as the last high bluff before reaching the St. John's River.  That meant buy wood here or risk being stranded!

We were greeted in the parking area by some very well behaved (aligned) trees.  Wonder if this was an early reforestation attempt.2012-12-4 Ocala
Down by the water things were a bit more relaxed.
2012-12-4 Ocala (4)
This guy was sunning himself all splayed out and casually balanced on a log.
2012-12-4 Ocala (7)
The leaves have already fallen off of the trees here.  Would have been in full color a few weeks ago.
2012-12-4 Ocala (5)
It was still pretty, peaceful and quiet. We met a few kayakers and took in the calm.2012-12-4 Ocala (6)
The reflections on the water were spectacular.
  2012-12-4 Ocala (1)

On that note… it’s time to reflect on what’s for dinner.