Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yin and Yang in the Ocala National Forest


No, we have not adopted new names.  Although, those would be cool names.  In this case we are referring to the ever present self equalizing balance of the universe.

Our last volunteer position provided fresh, clear water and sewer but no electric.

Vedauwoo 2012-08-09 (11)

Our current set up in the Ocala National Forest at the OHV Workcenter provides electric (along with sewer and water). 

2012-10-15 Ocala (1)

Wait… that sounds like YIN YIN YIN with the three big RV desires provided for us. 

Well, we do have electricity provided to us in this position and we have been pleased with the resultant options such as running a small electric heater in the evenings (YIN).  However, the water we have been provided here is lacking in a certain level of ‘purity’ (YANG).

They like to say that is it rich in iron (which is essentially positive speak for rust).  We like to think that after a month and a half of drinking it we cured any anemic issues that we may have had and saved a ton on vitamins! 

However, despite our personal choice of a skinned down lifestyle, clean, clear water has always been a priority for us since it makes up 98% of what we drink on a daily basis (save for Darlene’s morning Joe, now and then nips of OJ and the spoils of the occasional Iced Tea).  After some inquiring with the Forest folk, it seemed the off and on clarity of our provided drinking water was going to remain off (dirty) more than on (clean).  So, we pulled out the backpacking filter we had stored away and settled a basic needs score for ourselves.

2012-11-27 Ocala (1)
Iron ‘rich’, Yang, (left) meet pure and clean, Yin (right).

Oh, and to add to the Yin side of things… you know that fly machine at the local gym?  Well, check out the handle on that filter system.  Placed at the right height and alternating from left to right hand every 30 or so pumps isn’t so bad for the pecs either!

Until next time… keep it pure.