Friday, December 21, 2012

We’re Lichen the Fungis in Ocala

Tales from the seedy…
2012-12-16 Ocala (3)
2012-12-19 Ocala (16)
of life…
2012-12-15 Ocala (6)
in The Ocala.
2012-12-2 Ocala

After a super cool intro like that you’re probably expecting some really awesome blogging.  Put on your disappointment face.  We’ve got nothing much to say other than here’s some photos of the fungis we’ve been lichen lately.  Enjoy… ?!

2012-12-19 Ocala2012-12-16 Ocala (2)
IMG_4287  IMG_4288
2012-12-14 Ocala (1)
IMG_42892012-12-19 Ocala (7)    
2012-12-19 Ocala (11)2012-12-19 Ocala (12) 
2012-12-14 Ocala

There’s more but we wouldn’t want to overwhelm you.  Until next time…