Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1-1-2013, Let’s Get This Party Started!

These guys came to visit us the other day.  Appeared they were a few days early for the celebration as they wore their pointy hats and tooted their noise makers.

We took some pre-window-opening photos (hence, not so bright) first to avoid interrupting the party.

2012-12-25 Ocala (2)
They were not to be interrupted and went on about their revelry!2012-12-25 Ocala (3)
   They brought their little friend but gave him the cheap hat.
2012-12-25 Ocala (5)
            He didn’t care because he had brought the food.

Our disco ball took its final bow the other day.  We were sad to let her go but she’d been dirt-roaded to death and her glimmer was falling off.  It was time.

Disco RIP

No worries though.  The eternal Van-Dance-Party shall live on in her memory.

2012-12-17 Ocala (7)
      Well, it’s another beautiful day in The Ocala.

                Time to go see what 2013 has in store.

                     HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!