Monday, January 21, 2013

Renovations – In The Beginning

Folks have been asking about the van and our ongoing renovations.  Mostly they ask, “Are you done yet?”  But they also ask what we’ve done lately or what new ideas we’ve had.  The van renovation project is an ongoing event.  Although it may have been nice to get her all wrapped up before we hit the road, in the end we have been quite satisfied to be able to build-to-suit as we travel and live in her.
The build-to-suit concept is not new to us.  Before we hit the road full-time we took on a full renovation of our sticks and bricks.  

Apparently, the challenge of learning how to frame walls, windows and doors was not enough and so we added a business expansion to the mix.  Using our newly acquired wood working skills we began building new rock climbing walls ourselves.

It seemed that we missed the class on the principle of one project at a time.  So, when (our campervan) Annie came into our lives it only made sense that we promptly tore her apart to begin creating our ‘vision’.  Three is the charm number, right?
05-2010 Annie Interior Shots (3)
2011-04-16 Interior Empty 2
And that is how it all began…

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