Saturday, January 26, 2013

It’s Only January But…

We’re in bloom around these parts.  Before we get to that let’s talk some more about that Asian Beetle infestation that we mentioned the other day.

We told you that they were swarming us when we were on the trail on Thursday.  At least it was only when we stopped.  In between time we were able to go at a good enough speed to almost not notice them.  But when Friday came around and we were raking, which meant going 5 mph the whole time, there was no escape.  So, when 1:30 came around and the swarm ensued as did the biting the stinking and the difficulty of driving with only one hand as you constantly swatted with the other, we opted to call it a day and head back to camp.  Seemed like a great idea and hopped into the van to open up some windows and then back outside to wash off the daily dust.  Thirty seconds and three or four bites later the washing was not going to happen and thirty more seconds later we discovered that it would not be a window afternoon as they were finding their way into the van left and right.   Creative little boogers crawled up the channels of the windows until there was no window or screen and then celebrated by flying around and landing in our hair or on our nose (of all the nerve).  So, windows closed the numbers were seriously limited although they still put in great effort to find every single gap in our door trim (guess that may be next on the fix-it list).  And, in case you don’t believe us…

2013-1-25 Ocala (14)
I know, it doesn’t look like a lot.  Guess you had to be here.  Or, you could have been here…

2013-1-26 Ocala
That’s the floor of one of the trailhead restrooms.  Yes, those are Asian Beetles.  If you want to know what the ceiling looked like just turn your head or computer upside down.

As for the count this afternoon.  When we got back to the van, which had been closed up all day, we caught twenty five on our skylights in about three minutes.  It has been interesting to say the least.

Anyway, back to January in bloom and some other stuff.

Yes, spring is springing around these parts.  Or maybe these springing things aren’t really spring items.  Doesn’t much matter to us because seeing them sure does make it feel like spring is in the air.

2013-1-25 Ocala (3)

2013-1-26 Ocala (16)

2013-1-26 Ocala (10)

2013-1-26 Ocala (18)

2013-1-26 Ocala (11)

2013-1-26 Ocala (19)

2013-1-26 Ocala (27)

2013-1-25 Ocala (7)

2013-1-26 Ocala (14)

2013-1-25 Ocala (12) 

2013-1-25 Ocala (5)

2013-1-26 Ocala (1)

2013-1-26 Ocala (29) We finally got a shot of the super crafty and elusive Sherman Fox Squirrel.
Check him out dead center of the photo.

2013-1-26 Ocala (28)           







These are beautiful creatures.  This is our favorite color variation.

2013-1-26 Ocala (20)
                      Do you see it?
              Here’s looking at you, kid.

Bye for now…

2013-1-26 Ocala (25)