Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One last stop…

Before we left South Dakota, we checked out the falls in Sioux Falls.  Quite a nice location.  A sprawling park in the middle of town rich with history and a few rocks for Nicole to hop around on.





From S.D. we headed down through Nebraska.   Our primary destination in Nebraska other than the Southernmost border was the zoo in Omaha.  Although zoos are not typically something that we support, this one was reported to be quite unique in the fact that it gave you the opportunity to be very up close to the animals via glass walls and other set-ups instead of at a distance through cages.  We thought it was worth checking out.  As an added bonus we discovered that this particular zoo is heavy into financing many aspects of reforestation, growing endangered plants and breeding endangered animal species to be released back into various threatened locations around the world.  In addition, the scientists at the zoo travel to other countries to teach the locals ways to survive without destroying their precious and very rare environments.  We were very impressed by how they are giving back and investing the money that we paid (which by the way was not that expensive considering what they offer $13.50 each).