Saturday, November 12, 2011


On our way to one of our winter destinations, Quartzsite, AZ, we spent a wonderful few days in Tucson with our good friends Maria & Marcelo and their son, Roman.  The last time that Nicole talked to Roman he was still in Maria’s belly so it was exciting to finally meet him and to spend some time catching up.  This included some gym climbing where we discovered just how out of shape we are!  We had loads of great meals, walks and conversations.  Marcelo and Roman even gave us a performance on their djembes one evening. 


The next day, Roman gave Nicole a lesson.  She’s got quite a bit of work to do on her bongos before the next time they play together but she’s looking forward to another jam session with him and has already started practicing. 

Our visit was too short but the desert kept calling us so after a few days we gave in and answered knowing that we’ll surely see our friends again soon.  Considering Roman’s new found desire to live in a van, it may be sooner than we think! 

We shipped off from Tucson early afternoon and by sunset we were sitting in the desert of Quartzsite, AZ at the Hi-Jolly BLM (aka. FREE!) camping area. 

IMG_0132Yup.  It’s like that. 

It’s a rough life but somebody has to sit on their butt and take in mountain views all day!

Take this view and multiply it around you in a circle.
We’re in the middle of that circle.

Our little oasis in the desert.

Check it out, Lowthers!  We finally got a chance to plant some roots.

Well it isn’t all R&R.  OK, we won’t lie, most of it is but we are also excited to get some much needed work done on Annie before we head down to Mexico.  Since she topped her best mileage yet getting here (13 mpg) we’re thinking she’s pretty excited too!