Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This afternoon, we were in the Lowes parking lot cutting some paneling with our jig saw when a woman approached us.  She asked Darlene if she would buy her a meal. 

Darlene replied, ‘I’m sorry.  I don’t have anything for you.  We live in this van.’ 

The van was open and due to our current construction our clothing was stacked in boxes in plain view and let’s just say it really looked like we LIVED in there. 

The woman glanced into the van then back at Darlene in shock and questioned, ‘You live in THAT van, right there?’ 

After Darlene nodded the woman then said, ‘Oh, Mija (A Spanish term of endearment).  It WILL get better.’


Post Script:  A woman begging for food feels sorry for us because we live in a van.  Perspective is a funny thing.