Saturday, November 5, 2011

We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto!

We didn’t spend much time in Kansas and the route we chose did not offer much in terms of sight seeing locations but we did manage to see a few things.

IMG_0001Lots of wide open spaces!

Sunset at Pawnee Rock Lookout

Pawnee Rock dates back to the 1800’s as a major lookout for travelers along the Santa Fe Trail.  While most of the scenery in Kansas was fairly flat Pawnee Rock provided a really nice vantage point of the surrounding land.

Gold Nix was here in 1898!

We spent the night in the parking lot of the Dodge City Walmart.  It was our first night seeing other RV’ers in the lot with us.  In the morning we received an invitation to breakfast from Dave and Alison of British Columbia.  This was our first ‘on the road’ meeting of other RV’ers so we were pretty excited to chat it up with them.


Dave and Darlene

We had some lively conversations about everything from diet (these guys are eating vegetarian on the road too) to travel to flying and planes (both are pilots and Dave charters hunters, folks wanting to canoe the rivers and others into the Yukon).  To top it off (ATTENTION: Nicole’s Dad), they were hauling a Pratt & Whitney engine for one of their planes in a trailer behind their rig.  Dave had taken it down to Tulsa to get some work done on it.


We had a wonderful time with Dave and Alison but we all had places to go.  They were heading back north and we were heading south to warmer weather.
Random Sighting: chainsaw tree.

House looks like it was built especially for the one who owns the bike.  Actually the rest is underground.

Well, Kansas was quite a trip.  While we managed to meet some new friends and to get away from the continuous cornfields of the last four states we also battled a constant head / crosswind and an obstacle course of tumbleweeds. 


Picture five or six of these crossing the road at the same time for 100 miles or so. Fun times!

After a short jaunt through the panhandle of Oklahoma we were finally in
New Mexico!