Friday, November 4, 2011

The Henry Doorly Zoo

Probably the neatest thing about this zoo is the layout of zones.  There was a desert dome, a two level rainforest walk complete with seventy foot trees for the monkeys to swing on, an aquarium similar to the Georgia one with a tunnel you can walk through while fish swim over you, a swamp walk, a cave walk and tunnels in the rainforest had real bats hanging in them and flying over your head.  All in all we spent about six hours at the zoo and never even visited the outdoor areas (similar to the zoos we are used to).  The weather the day before had us in short sleeves but when we arrived at the zoo they were talking of sleet, snow and ice.  We were thankful to have so many indoor areas to visit and surely could have spent a lot more time there on a nicer day.  An added bonus to the day and the snowy weather was that we basically had the entire zoo and exhibits all to ourselves.  Well, on to the photos. Here’s a few.  There are way too many to post all.



IMG_1274These guys were hilarious with this light.  They kept pushing each other out of the way to take turns ‘sunning’.

IMG_1304This little guy engaged in quite a game of hide-n-seek with Nicole.  When she would surprise him he would fall down and roll on the ground then run and hide again.  This game then turned into him climbing on top of one of the viewing bubbles and taking turns banging on it.  Sometimes he would stand up and bang his chest like the big guys.  Super cute.  His Grandpa had quite a thing for Darlene and would bow his head bashfully when she would acknowledge him.
While many of the animals would interact with you and definitely acknowledge that they saw you this was definitely our favorite exhibit due to the ‘human’ like interactions.


IMG_1322This guy was adorable.  He would climb up to this ledge to look in the window and then walk along the ledge back and forth (keeping his front paws on the ledge and moving from one end to the other as if he was looking for people).

IMG_1328 IMG_1347 

IMG_1361Darlene inside the Swamp Exhibit.  Felt like Florida in there!

IMG_1380 This rockin’ bird was wandering around the Rainforest. The animals in this area were not behind cages at all.  Monkeys were on islands so that they couldn’t be touched but you felt like you were walking right through the forest with them.

IMG_1383 Just hanging around!  These guys went crazy flying all around the rainforest at feeding time (that means right over our heads close enough that we could reach out and touch them)!

IMG_1349Kookaburra, Kookaburra!

IMG_1394Just chillin’ in a tree about ten feet from us.

IMG_1364 We were glad to have indoor areas to view the animals on this particular day!