Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Welcome to South Dakota!

It is official. As of 11/1/11, we are no longer Georgia residents.  South Dakota was more than happy to sign us up after spending our required one night in a campground.  We were more than happy to spend one night in a campground, plugged into electric, running our little heater and taking what will probably be the last hot shower we see for another few weeks (or more). 

Our new address is 110 E. Center Street, Madison, S.D. 57042   We wouldn’t suggest using it though since we don’t plan on forwarding our picking up our mail very often.  If you do want to send us something, try texting or calling us first because we could work something out with whatever post office is nearest to us at the time. 

Madison is a cute little town of 6500 bordered by three really nice lakes.  Our campground was on Lake Herman and since we were the only ones here we got a lakeside spot and were told we could park in the camp host site (most level) right near the showers.  First class all the way!  Well, your view of first class does change somewhat when you are living in a van and have been sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots for the last five nights. 

IMG_1218Primo Parking

The temps were quite nice the night we had to camp so we explored the park a bit.


Lake Herman

Perhaps it was the elusive black footed ferret?

Or the elusive big footed tourist?


Note: The following photos are for Roxi.  We just had to.  Enjoy!

IMG_1202 IMG_1209

Lake Herman was really quite beautiful.  The campground and surrounding land was well maintained and definitely someplace we will return to if we ever go back to our new hometown. 

As cute as the town is, we won’t stick around to explore it this time around.  Arizona and warmer climates are calling our names for the winter.  Reportedly, tomorrow will be the last nice day before the flurries come in on Wednesday.  Thankfully, we’ll already be cruising south by then!