Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New Newt Or Two

We went walking on ‘Another Trail’.  That’s the only name we know it by.  It isn’t official, it doesn’t have a name or interpretive signage, but it is indeed a maintained trail in this park.  Anytime a Ranger or guest services person tells people where to walk they say, “You can walk the Spencer Creek Trail and (pointing at a map) we have Another Trail here.”  So, there you go.


It was a totally clear day (read: not even a coastal mist in the air).  We weren’t so sure we’d see much activity given the ‘dry’ conditions.

But there was.  We caught this guy in the act of munching down some greens.  It was pretty neat to watch.  He was chewing so hard that the leaves were twitching all around.

We found these guys in the pond.  They looked to be a different variety from the ones we had seen previously.

They’d just float around occasionally lifting their head to take in a big gulp of air.

                             This little one was totally awesome.

The relationship of his legs to his body length make him look like the Dachshund of the Salamander world.

  Nicole enjoys taking pictures of small things.  Mushrooms are small things.

What’s really cool though is when you so focused on the small thing you are focusing on that you don’t realize that you are getting a picture of another small thing.

                   In this case, some sort of mosquito’ish insect.

And this little umbrella turned up the following when viewed on the computer screen.

                                   An extremely small arachnid.

                 Now these are something we haven’t seen before!

They’re called Common Birds Nest.  They were sprouting up all over the place.

                             They have these little ‘bowls’ on top.

Inside the ‘nest’ are egg-like spore packets.  They get knocked out by the rain.

    Do you see the one laying on the branch just left and front of this nest?

     OH!  At sunset the other day we had the faint hint of a sundog.  It was quite beautiful.

                                  That’s all for now.  We’ve got yurts to clean!