Friday, February 21, 2014

Beverly Beach Scenes

We’ve had some rough seas lately.  Literally.

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Our NOAA weather radio even sent out an emergency broadcast the other night while we were cooking dinner.  Given that we sit within 100 yards of the ocean at sea level it had us a bit curious. 

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It’s all been rather exciting and has gotten things churned up down at the shore.

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We watched the waves move logs and boulders around like they were twigs and pebbles.

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It’s no surprise to find out that this stump was moved about in the same way.

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                               Foam was flying around like a big ocean bubble bath.


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The rocks made an amazing wind chime sort of noise as the waves washed over them.

After a rough night or two or seven, as was the case for us, it’s neat to beach comb.

   What we find the most of on these occasions is detached sea ‘vegetation’.





And a few other things…



Oh!  On the exciting trash front, we told you we’d show you anything cool we found.

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                Darlene snagged this, our first piece of Tsunami debris! 1 (2)

A few days later, Nicole found this laundry basket.  While it had no identifying marks on it, the very established barnacle growth indicated it had been at sea for quite some time.
Most of them were still wiggling about so guess it hadn’t been out of the water long.

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We read somewhere that the way the seagulls face when standing on the beach tells what the weather will be like.

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This little guy was hopping around the drift wood just chirping up a storm.  He’s no seagull but his happy little dance was right on target in terms of what kind of day it was.

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         Despite the rough seas, the sun and blue sky made an appearance now and then.

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          If we had a dog, this is what he would look like having a great time on the beach.

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                   We spent a good deal of time just taking it all in.

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                                                 As the sun began to sink…

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                    the end to yet another great day on the Oregon coast fell into frame.