Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yurt-tle Lee Hoo Hoo

There is a price to be paid for having the opportunity to park yourself on the edge of the ocean with full-hookups to warm your tootsies after you break the cardinal rule of not turning your back on the ocean and get soaked by a rouge wave.  Ahem… we won’t mention names… but it rhymes with Marlene.

                                 This is a yurt.  Ain’t it cute?!

        This is our Merry Maid Trolley that holds our yurt cleaning supplies.

                   Yes, that’s right.  We’re cleaning dirt from yurts.


It’s not a bad gig though.  The yurts are simple (versus the deluxe ones that have cooking areas and full bathrooms with showers).  Simple means everything is wipe-able or sweep-able.  After we finish the inside we walk the outside to pick up any stray liter and off we go.  If we haven’t met our hours by doing yurts we can walk around the campground and clear debris out of sites or pick up liter in the campground or on the beach.

Speaking of… it’s our day to volunteer so more later.