Monday, February 3, 2014



Death Valley gave us many send-offs.  They included sustenance for our long journey in the way of dried fruits, the gift of keeping our super cozy and ultra warm National Park Service Volunteer fleece jackets, a ‘Safe Travels’ chant by the Palm Frond Association at Beer Thirty, approximately five minutes of rain, a dusting of snow on the high peaks and this from The Valley herself… the most amazing of sunsets.


It’s not often we plan too far ahead but we’ve done so this year and a part of that is waiting out Old Man Winter. 

                                       (Snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains)

We’ve taken on another volunteer assignment to wile away the month of February in electric heater and hot shower bliss.

                                                    (Owen’s not so Dry Lake)

             It’s a long ways to our next tethered location and our tootsies are spoiled now.

                                     (Backside of Death Valley after the dusting)

So, to keep them happy (oh, the things we do for our toes) we’ll clock a pretty decent pace of about 500 miles per day.


       We should arrive in only a couple of days and settle in for another wonderful month.

                               (Ah,trees.  Leaves or not, we do always miss you.)

Our travels took us three days of pretty solid driving.  It wasn’t so bad though.  We were excited for both our new destination and our new experiences in volunteering.  Nature kept us busy spotting close to 30 hawks, a fox, lots of cows and sheep, three (not so alive) skunks and many a small bird variety. 

                       Mount Shasta played hide and seek with us.

                     A bald Eagle flew in front of the van and then off across the river.

    We rounded a corner on our very curvy road to see a yellow diamond sign that simply said

DSCN5159                                                                “ELK”.




                           We reached the coast as day three was coming to an end.

      We couldn’t have asked for a  more beautiful greeting from our new home by the sea.