Friday, September 26, 2014

Cruising The Medicine Wheel Pass To Tongue Creek

This may look like a random photo of colorful rocks but the road goes UP THERE!

It travels through a series of turns and 12% grades, up, up, up and up some more.
          All the while revealing dizzying views of the canyon lands below.

   As you hit the plateau (of sorts) the scenery returns to rocky, rolling hills.

There was still a little snow on the ground from the cold spell we had a few weeks
back and the trees were beginning to show a hint of fall.

     Once in a while though the view would open up and remind you just how high you were.

As we began our descent on the other side there were neat signs along the way identifying the age of various rock layers we were passing.  This has continued through Wyoming and is a really cool thing.  We have seen formations up to several billion years old.

      There is a river down there somewhere in the valley and we are going to park there.

This is where we parked.  We had our own little beach on the river right behind
our site.

The water was quite chilly but after several weeks on the road it was just right
for a much needed clean-up.

We had a delightfully quiet and relaxing two days at Tongue Creek.  So much so that we didn’t really take any other photographs and didn’t even leave our little beach area.  Our second evening some locals arrived at a neighboring campsite and decided that we wanted to ROCK all day and into the wee hours.  The next morning we decided to move on.

                            Seen on the way out of Tongue Creek.

                                         And, off we went....