Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Defrosting at Freezeout Lake, MT - Part 1

Since we knew that we were going to ride across the Going to the Sun Road and back again on the shuttle, we had decided that when we left the park we would take Hwy 2 along the southern border.

It was a pleasant drive with some pretty views.  For future reference it seemed that the views might be better going east to west as more of them appeared in our rearview mirror than out the windshield.

                          Not too shabby for the backside of Glacier National Park, eh?

As soon as we started moving southward the scenery shifted to a mixture of open rolling prairies, grasslands and farms.

                                          This is some of our favorite scenery.

         It certainly wasn’t bad to also have the Rocky Mountains as a distant backdrop.

DSCN1953                                    All rest areas should have a view like this.

Since we try to plan short drives between camp spots it wasn’t long before we had arrived at our next overnight destination.

DSCN1958                                     Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area

               Prior to settling in we drove down by the water to see what we could see.

            We started spotting critters immediately.

We stayed a couple of days to soak in the quiet and the flowers.

                                And the creepies.

                            There were dragonflies of every color.

                Although they weren’t too keen on sitting still for long.

                                               Then Nicole met this one.

             It was all too happy (See the smile!) to pose for a few shots.

                  This one revealed the delicate ‘stained glass’ of dragonfly wings.

The area is primarily a wetland managed for waterfowl so there were plenty of winged things around.

See more photos from our time at Freezeout Lake WMA in Post 2...