Tuesday, September 30, 2014

To Ten Sleep and Beyond...

We were looking forward to our drive from Elgin Trailhead to our next destination.  It began with the crossing of yet another pass (this one in the nine thousand foot range) followed by a descent into and drive through a canyon.

  Being on top looking down is one thing but driving through is a truly different experience.

    It was one of those drives where you sit with your mouth open and forget to take photos.

                                 So, we’ve only got a few but you’ll get the idea.


      As you exit the canyon into the quaint town of Ten Sleep the scenery begins to change.

                                                 If only it were For Sale...

   Shortly after that (shortly because if you blink you’ll miss Ten Sleep) it changes yet again.

                     This time it was reminiscent of The Badlands of South Dakota.

                      That gave way to the city of Thermopolis which is home to...


                                          The world’s largest mineral hot springs.

It is also home to some amazing formations (people in upper right for perspective) and a FREE twenty minute soak at the state run facility which we indulged in.  Ahhhhh....

We weren’t sure we could drive after relaxing every muscle in our body but a nice lunch in a beautiful city park and we were off to take in the sights of the eastern border of the

                                              Wind River Indian Reservation.

                    We headed through yet another beautiful canyon!

                                   A train car height perspective.

                       The road runs at a level just above the river.

               There are unique and colorful rock formations throughout.

       Our girl enjoying her first Wind River experience.

Looking back on an amazing journey we exited the canyon, crossed through the
plains and settled into our next camping spot at the edge of the mountains.