Saturday, September 6, 2014

Some Go To The Sun. We On The Other Hand...

They call it the Going To The Sun Road.DSCN1817
                               Umm... I think we made a wrong turn somewhere.

The Free Park Shuttle that runs the length of this road stops running Sep 8.  Although our vehicle is within the size restrictions, view-wise, driving it would not be fair to one and a half of us.  So, we wanted to be sure to have the opportunity to let the full two of us take in the visual experience by relaxing and riding the shuttle.

DSCN1822 (2)                                             WOW!  Just look at those views!

As it turns out, we were not intended to see Glacier National Park on a perfect day.  Instead we were greeted by a cold, wet and windy wintery mix.

          Thermometer reading on top of Logan Pass.

                              It was snowing on top of Logan Pass when we arrived.

           A white-out blizzard of big flakes followed while we explored the visitor center.

    Since it was all downhill from the pass, we decided to continue on and complete the road.

    The decrease in elevation meant that once in a while the fog would lift to give us a peek.

                  Now and then we’d get a sense of the color and texture of the area.

Although the views were not vast and sweeping they presented a different side of the park. In keeping with the theme, Nicole has had some fun with the not-so-great photos we got that day and created a different sort of view of what we saw.

                                 More to come.  More to come.