Friday, September 12, 2014

Down By The (Yellowstone) River

We had our first of (thankfully) only a few long (for us) drives the other day.  It was a 200 mile stretch and that sort of thing just plain wears us out.  So, we recuperated with a few days down by the river.

                                                 (The) Yellowstone (River)

                We’re still in Montana but it is starting to feel a whole lot like Wyoming.

At our first stop, the weather continued in a stellar, blue sky, puffy white fashion.  We’d forgotten about the dry, desert like feel to this area.  Warm is just plain different without humidity.

DSCN2290Although the daytime at Pelican Fish Access sees boaters and fishermen coming and going, we had the place all to ourselves the first night.  The next night folks showed up but we were already tucked in and didn’t notice them until the morning.

A short walk to the front of the van provided distant views of the Absaroka Mountain Range with snow on it.

DSCN2239a (2)
                                                  There were birds on a wire,

                                       unknown gourd like things,

                                               field mint,


                                 in the grass,

                                             snakes swimming,

                                            spiders scurrying,

                                         bunnies munching

                   and Osprey under the full moon.

We’ve since moved to our second location on the Yellowstone River.  The weather did not move with us and it seems we are under potential to receive the seasons first snow (three weeks earlier than usual).  As a result, we have spent our afternoons hunkered down at the very well heated library. 

We’ll use (what is predicted to be) the last of the very cold days as a driving day and get moving again tomorrow.  If all goes as planned we’ll be in a new location just in time for a warm spell.