Monday, September 15, 2014

Wild, Wonderful, Windy Wyoming... We’ve Returned

After Annie started ‘acting up’ more regularly we decided to divert ourselves to Billings, MT to pick up an Ignition Switch.  The night we were there was our coldest yet and an evening with 28 degrees and rain predicted rewarded us in the a.m. with ice covered windows and snowcapped mountains.

    Beautiful and three weeks ahead of the average for the areas first snow.

You know the tale of how a child always seems to feel better once you take them to the doctor?  Well, that’s how Annie’s been acting.  We finally purchased the ignition switch and she started behaving like she should.  Since it was too chilly to install the new switch we made a run for the border (of Wyoming).

You wouldn’t know it by this peaceful and still scene but boy was the wind blowing the whole drive.  It was one of those days where you actually have to put your hands on the steering wheel!

A short while later Montana was behind us, it was “Hello (again) Wyoming!” and we had settled into our spot at the Deaver Reservoir.

                                          We were not alone.

                     Some folks came to fish.  A few others to camp or walk their dogs.

                         And the dragonflies. Oh, the dragonflies.

All kidding aside, we had a lovely time walking, relaxing, looking at the plant life and watching the birds and small critters.

                                 Russian Olive

                                         Common Cocklebur

                                             A gull flies away.

  Oh!  We’ve finally identified this as Common Milkweed.
We missed the flowering part but these pods have revealed
their innermost selves and we’ll show you in the next post.

The Velvet Ant (which is actually a wasp) may be a pretty contrast to the otherwise
desert like colorings of the scenery but it is not to be trifled with.

With that, we’ll close and put the rest of our photos in another one or two posts.

                 Stay tuned for more visuals from the Deaver Reservoir.